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All Students Must Register with LIM College's Emergency Notification System


Stay informed in the event of an emergency

All students are required to sign up for LIM College's Emergency Notification System. Sign up here now.

In the event of an emergency that directly affects the safety of our students, faculty and staff, LIM College can quickly communicate important information to everyone who is registered with this system. You are able to receive messages in a number of ways simultaneously - including by email, phone calls, and through text messages.

To remain active in the Emergency Notification System, you must sign up for it every academic year. Information that was entered prior to the current academic year has been cleared out.

Any information you enter will only be used to contact you with urgent messages regarding campus safety or unscheduled College closings. Sign-up is mandatory. If you do not register with the system you will be considered in violation of LIM College’s Student Code of Conduct.

You can access the sign-up page directly here.

A link to the sign-up page is also available on the MyLIM portal in the Campus Resources folder.

Click here for a list of FAQ with more detailed information on the Emergency Notification System

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