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April is Green Month at the Adrian G. Marcuse Library


Celebrate Earth Day and the Green Movement - Check out our books on display

Celebrate Earth Day and the GREEN movement by exploring the Adrian G. Marcuse Library’s display of these related books, below are just a few examples of what is available.

Green Is the New Black : How to Change the World with Style, Tamsin Blanchard

Green is the New Black isn't an academic tome on why you should buy only eco-friendly organic cotton clothing. It's more about how we suckers for fashion can make more environmentally savvy purchasing decisions. Have swap parties, buy vintage and eco-friendly designers and buy smart. Resist the urge to buy more and invest in something quality and timeless. As Stella McCartney says: “If it has an ethical or ecological edge, that's a huge bonus. We address these questions in every other part of our lives except fashion." —The Sydney Morning Herald

The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen

Environmental matters get the star treatment in The Green Book. Rogers and Kostigen address the fact that Americans endanger the balance of the ecosystem by the amount of waste we produce, the amount of water we use, and the amount of energy we consume, and celebrities, including Robert Redford, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., contribute observations and suggestions for living green. …An outstanding resource, The Green Book offers hope and practical suggestions. —Booklist

Style, Naturally: the Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty, Summer Rayne Oakes

This no-nonsense guide by Summer Rayne Oakes makes negotiating the complexities of organic cotton and fair-trade clothing easier. ...The book delves into everything from sustainably harvested wood jewelry to top eco designers to how to read organic certification labels on clothing. Oakes hopes that someday, sustainable shopping won't be a niche, but the norm. In the meantime, she exhorts consumers to expect more from their products. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to shop smarter. —The Globe and Mail

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