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LIM College Closure Due to Hurricane Irene


Make sure to register with the College's emergency notification system

Due to the predicted severity of the impending hurricane, LIM College will close Friday, August 26 at 4:00 PM for all classes and activities and will also be closed on Monday, August 29.

LIM College will continue to monitor Hurricane Irene throughout the weekend. Although we anticipate the College reopening on Tuesday morning, a decision will be made and communicated to the LIM College Community on Monday, once we have collected the necessary information needed to make the decision. Although we want to do this as early as possible, this will most likely happen in the late afternoon or early evening and it assumes that the city will have electrical power and phone service. At that time our mass communications system will again be activated and this information will be sent out to the LIM College Community. In addition, you can also call the following number for information about the College’s opening/closing as that information becomes available: 866-669-9442.

If you have not already done so, please make sure you are registered with the College’s emergency notification system, which we will use to provide you with College opening and closing information as it becomes available.

LIM College recommends that all students within commutable distance of home return there. If you live in the residence hall and will be leaving to go home for the storm, please sign out from the residence hall so you are accounted for. If you are staying in the residence hall, review these instructions for hurricane preparedness.

If you plan to stay in the residence hall or off-campus housing we urge all of you to take steps to prepare for heavy rain, storm surge, and strong winds. We recommend that you make sure to have emergency supplies on hand:

  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food (enough to last at least 3-days)
  • Flashlights
  • A battery-operated radio with extra batteries
  • Refill prescription drugs
  • Cash from the atm; at least $100 (if available)
  • Toiletries

You can also tune into the following local radio stations for storm news and updates:

  • 1010 WINS – 1010 AM
  • 880 CBS Radio – 880 AM
  • 93.9 WNYC – 93.9 FM

For more information about Hurricane Irene, check the following pages:

Ready.gov Hurricane Preparedness

NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) home page

NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Evacuation Zone Finder

New Jersey Coastal Evacuation Maps

Track Hurricane Irene's progress

MTA bus and subway information

Map of NYC evacuation zones (below)


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