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New Books at the Adrian G. Marcuse Library


Includes works on fashion photography, accessories, branding and more

There are two new displays in the Adrian G. Marcuse Library highlighting some of our recent arrivals. Below are just a few of the new books we've added. Visit us to see all our new books on display and take out what interests you. 

Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits: A collection of more than 300 photographs that chronicle the best fashion of our time. A celebration of fashion, a romp through a riotous and eventful decade, and a banquet of contemporary imagery, Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits sis also a glamorous object in itself. Shot by well-known photographers and featuring supermodels and super-celebrities, Bazaar’s fashion photography is always beautiful—and entertaining.
Call #: 779 BAI – Oversized Shelving

Now You See It: When Cathy Davidson and Duke University gave free iPods to the freshman class in 2003, critics said they were wasting their money. Yet when students in practically every discipline invented academic uses for their music players, suddenly the idea could be seen in a new light-as an innovative way to turn learning on its head. By Cathy Davidson
Call # 153.7 DAV – Regular Shelves

Sorry: This exhibition book accompanied Stefan Panhaus’ 2011 exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen/Germany. “When Will the Moon Actually Come Out? Videos and Photographs.” The book documents the making of the movie from the year 2010 on over 84 pages. It also contains numerous video stills. With his exhibition book Sorry, Panhaus has exemplarily translated a video loop into a book.
By Stefan Panhaus
Call # 776 PAN – Regular Shelves

Fifty Bags That Changed the WorldFocuses on one of the essential accessories that power the fashion world today - the handbag. From the original 1860 attach case to Matthew Williamson's 2010 Pucci Bean clutch, the book explores the top 50 handbags and backpacks, examining each one's iconic status in design history.
By Robert Anderson
Call #: 391.44 AND – Regular Shelves

The Expressive Organization: This book challenges current beliefs about organizational identity, reputation, and branding. It contains a wealth of new ideas for finding the elusive answers to questions troubling contemporary organizations.
By Majken Schultz
Call #: 659.2 SCH – Regular Shelves

Fifty Hats That Changed The World: Lists the top 50 hats and headwear that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today. From Monomakh's Cap, an early fifteenth century Russian crown, to Franc Fernandez's modern-day 2010 Helmet Headpiece.
By Robert Anderson
Call #: 391.43 AND – Regular Shelves

How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Bergh and Behrer draw on their collective brand management experience with MTV, H&M, and other youth-oriented marketers to explain what drives Generation Y (teens and twenty-somethings). Also known as the millennials and Generation Next, consumers in this segment do not just do what advertisers tell them. Instead, they rely on the collective wisdom of their peers, and get their buying cues from social networking. The authors sum up the winning attributes of a hot youth brand with the acronym "CRUSH" ("Coolness; Realness; Uniqueness; Self-identification with the brand; and Happiness").
By Joeri van den Berg
Call #: 658.8 BER – Regular Shelves

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