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Susan Baxter

Susan Baxter

Marketing, Management & Finance

Dr. Susan C. Baxter began her career at the College as Assistant Professor of Marketing in 2010. In addition to her duties as Chair of the Department of Marketing, Management & Finance, she teaches the undergraduate courses Integrated Marketing Communications, Organizational Behavior, Global Management, and Global Markets, as well as courses on the graduate level.

Dr. Baxter’s areas of research and scholarship include diversity in advertising, advertising to niche consumers, consumer-brand relationships, distance learning and student learning styles, and the impact of HIV on the global workforce.

Dr. Baxter has authored several works dealing with communication and marketing for special populations, including “In a New Millennium: Are We Still Doing it the Old Way?” which was named an Outstanding Research Award winner at the 2009 Global Conference on Business and Finance; “Does the Old Model Still Work?” which studied the level of diversity in print media targeting the niche market of gays and lesbians and was presented at the Society for Marketing Advances Conference in 2009; and “A Further Examination of the Evidence on Marketing Approaches Targeting Gay and Lesbian Consumers,” which was named Best in Session at the 2010 Global Conference on Business and Finance.

Dr. Baxter has written articles for Echelon magazine and has been quoted by the Associated Press. She is a member of the American Marketing Association, the Society for Marketing Advances, the Academy of Marketing Science, and the Marketing Educators Association, and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Business Education & Accreditation Journal.

The recipient of a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing from Argosy University, Dr. Baxter also holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, a Master of Science degree in Psychology from St. Cloud State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the College of St. Benedict.

In her spare time Dr. Baxter enjoys reading, travel, cooking and playing Scrabble.

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