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Boards & Executive Administration

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the governing body of the College and, as such, establishes the basic policies that set the course of the College. The Board is responsible for the performance of the College, in all its aspects, and has the fiduciary responsibility for the College’s financial performance. Composed of a maximum of eleven members, the Board meets quarterly at the College and participates in commencement each May.

The Fashion Industry Advisory Board
The Fashion Industry Advisory Board helps LIM College fulfill its mission and strengthen many of the services the College provides for its students. It is composed of successful senior executives from a broad variety of areas in fashion and related industries which currently include manufacturing, licensing, accessories, luxury brands, sales and design, public relations, trend forecasting, publishing, marketing, human resources, merchandising, and store management.

The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist and advise the College in areas that include, but are not limited to, curriculum, student advocacy, long-range planning, industry outreach and public relations. In that capacity, Board members are mentors to our students, host field trips to their businesses, guest lecture in classes, hire our students for internships and permanent jobs, provide curricular advice and suggestions for new programs and/or degrees to help the College identify emerging areas of study, and attend and participate in special events at the College throughout the year.

Executive Administration
The Executive Administration of the College is comprised of the President, Provost & Executive Vice President, and Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations / Treasurer.

LIM College Fashion Show

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