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German Fulbright Scholars to Visit LIM College


Ten Fulbright Scholars from Germany will come to LIM College as part of a weeklong visit to Stony Brook University.

Ten German Fulbright Scholars will be at LIM College on September 24, as part of a weeklong visit they are making to Stony Brook University to learn how American institutions of higher education handle career development services, alumni relations, industry relations and fundraising.

The visit was arranged by the director of Stony Brook University’s Career Center, so that the Fulbright delegation can gain exposure to practices at other American institutions, particularly one such as LIM College, where career development is such an integral component of the educational experience.

The group will attend a presentation in LIM College’s new Center for Career Development. Mariela Torres, Director of Career Development and Jocelyn Coalter, Assistant Director of Career Development will share their knowledge on industry relations and career development for students and alumni; and Gail Nardin, LIM College’s Senior Director of Institutional Advancement will speak on the topics of alumni relations and fundraising.

The Fulbright Scholars are: Derk Schönfeld, Manager of Corporate Relations & Marketing, University of Bremen; Anja Klütsch, Head of Career Services, University of Rostock; Kathrin Tittel, Project Coordinator, Career Service, Technical University Dresden; Simone Fischer, Head of Press & PR Department, Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences; Heike (Doris) Schwartz, Head of Central Student Counseling Services, University of Konstanz; Anette Salbach, Head of Friends & Family Department, Development, University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbuttel; Eva Susanne Orth, Director of Fundraising, Alumni & Career Service, Europa-University Viadrina;  Krischan Brandl, Career Services’ Student Advisor, University of Wuerzburg; Kersten Vogel, Personal Assistant to the President, Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and Ellen Kittel-Wegner, Head of Career Service, University of Flensburg.

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