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Our Culture

The student lounge at Maxwell Hall

Named as one of the “Best Northeastern Colleges” by The Princeton Review, LIM College is focused exclusively on the study of business and fashion. We provide a well-rounded education through the combination of in-class instruction and required fashion industry internships. LIM was founded in 1939 and has been witness to every significant change in the retail and fashion industry for more than seven decades. 

LIM's College's faculty and staff are an integral part of our tradition of providing a quality education centered around the business of fashion. Our goal is to provide employees with a friendly, comfortable working environment with ample opportunity for professional development and career advancement.

Read LIM College’s Mission Statement.

Institutional Strengths

LIM College has dedicated itself to providing our students with a high-caliber educational experience that extends well beyond the classroom. This abiding commitment to student success is reflected in the resources the College allocates to direct educational and student support activities.

  • LIM College has an exceptionally dedicated faculty who take their job of helping students realize their educational and professional goals very seriously. The faculty also possesses a remarkable amount of industry experience and the academic credentials required to teach at the college level.
  • Nearly all of the College’s 100,000 square feet of instructional, support, and office space are brand-new or have recently been renovated. LIM College has also made considerable investments in state-of-the-art facilities and learning technology systems. The student to computer ratio at the College is 4:1.
  • LIM College has a highly successful experiential learning component within all of its degree programs. Every undergraduate student participates in three required internship programs.
  • LIM College’s location in the fashion, art and design, advertising, and media capital of the United States is an asset the College leverages fully. The College enjoys very strong relationships with a large number of industry partners.
  • LIM College enjoys a solid financial foundation, generating healthy annual surpluses that allow for continuous capital improvements to facilities, equipment and student services.

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