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Earn Money Blogging For LIM College. Start Your Career In Fashion Communications.

2/2/2010 | 12:30 PM

Become a blogger! Get paid.

The fashion industry and blogging go together like milk and coffee. The fashion industry has undoubtedly been changed by the emergence of fashion blogs, and likewise, many unknown bloggers have gone on to fame and notoriety by starting their own blogs about fashion.

This opportunity can be yours, as LIM College will be revamping its blogging program this semester and is looking for a few talented, dedicated bloggers who are ready to make a name for themselves in the blogoverse. Do you like to write? This is a paid writing position. LIM College bloggers will be paid $15 for their first entry with the possibility of being hired as a regular paid blogger.

Bloggers like The Sartorialist started small, documenting fashionable people on city streets on a free blog site, and grew his reputation into international renown and a book deal! The Fug Girls used word-of-mouth and internet marketing to turn their humorous blog on celebrity fashion faux-pas into a runaway success. They are now syndicated columnists in newspapers, magazines, and websites across the country. Sites like Chictopia serve as fashion inspiration for a slew of bloggers and fashionistas the world over.

You can write about fashion, NYC culture, celebrity and pop culture, music, movies, food, life at LIM, or anything you feel passionate about. Your blog can be mostly text, or include videos, photos, and other imagery. Bring your ideas and your enthusiasm to the LIM Bloggers Kick Off Meeting, Tuesday, February 2nd, during the lunch hour, in the Writing Center.

LIM Bloggers Kick Off Meeting
Tuesday Feb. 2 at 12:30pm
The Writing Center, Maxwell Hall

For more information or to RSVP, please email Director of the Writing Center, Robert Clark.

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