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Emergency Notification System Sign-up


All students, faculty and staff are required to register with the Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency that directly affects the safety of our students, faculty and staff, LIM College's Emergency Notification System allows us to quickly communicate important information to everyone who is registered. You are able to receive messages in a number of ways simultaneously - including by email, phone calls, and through text messages.

To remain active in the Emergency Notification System, you must sign up for it at the start of every academic year. All registration information entered before August 8, 2011 has been cleared out. So even if you already signed up during the last academic year, you must re-register now.


It is mandatory that all members of the LIM College community (including faculty, staff and students) register with the Emergency Notification System. Any information you enter will only be used to contact you with urgent messages regarding campus safety or unscheduled College closings. 


Click here to access the sign-up page.

Some things to be aware of as you sign up:
• Do not list LIM College’s main number (212-752-1530) as your phone number. You will not be able to receive messages on this line.
• Email alerts will be sent from limalert@limcollege.edu. Please add that sender to your “safe” list for the external email address you enter during sign-up.

• Phone (voice) alerts will be sent from 866-669-9442. Please program that number into your caller ID as “LIM College Alert” on the phone number(s) you enter during sign-up.

If you experience any problems during the sign-up process, please email  limalertfeedback@limcollege.edu

Click here for a list of FAQ with more detailed information on the Emergency Notification System.

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