Welcome from the Math, Finance and Technology Department

Welcome to the Math, Finance and Technology Department at LIM College. LIM College is “Where Business Meets Fashion”.

In our department, we teach all of our students how to integrate the quantitative and the technological into the diverse body of knowledge which they will carry into the fashion world, regardless of where they find themselves in this dynamic business.

LIM College produces smart, creative and energetic graduates. Equally important, it produces leaders in the fashion business. These leaders will be presented with many challenges. Among them, they will be responsible for incorporating quantitative considerations into creative decisions. Essential to this challenge is a firm foundation of knowledge in the preparation and interpretation of business data.

Our future leaders also will spend a significant amount of time communicating inside and outside of their organizations. The choices and uses of technology in these communications are as important as the messages themselves. Our department prepares our students to meet these challenges with a dedicated and welcoming faculty. Our full-time and adjunct instructors combine years of experience in the business world with years of teaching experience.

Ensuring that what the Math, Finance and Technology Department teaches is practical and relevant is our highest priority, and one that our faculty contributes to continually. In addition, the Mathematics Center provides tutoring help in all subjects taught by our department.

Again, welcome. If you have questions about our courses, please call (212) 752-1530 Ext. 207.  

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