Recommended books selected by LIM Librarians

Celebrate Earth Day with books from the Adrian G. Marcuse Library

Get ready for Earth Day by reading up on sustainable fashion, eco-friendly design, and green living at the Adrian G. Marcuse Library.  You can also learn more about LIM College’s new concentration: Responsible Business Practices.  Check out books such as The Eco-Design Sourcebook and Green is the New Black, and films such as Who Killed the Electric Car and An Inconvenient Truth to find out why more and more businesses are emphasizing sustainability as a model for growth.  Maybe you’ll decide to choose a new concentration!



Women’s History Month:

Women’s History Month has been celebrated in the United States since the celebration of International Women’s Day in 1911. The Adrian G. Marcuse Library is celebrating by displaying books and DVDs honoring great women of our history. We hope that you stop by soon and check out titles ranging from The September Issue to Bachelor Girl:The Secret History of Single Women in the Twentieth Century by Betsy Israel.

You can also learn more about Women’s History Month online.


Black History Month:

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library is celebrating Black History Month by featuring titles from our collection.

Titles range in topic from African American History to its influence on fashion, literature and music.

Black History Month has been around since the mid-1920s and we are happy to celebrate its influences throughout history and American culture.

Visit the Library today and discover the cultural impact of such influential people as Martin Luther King Jr., Run DMZ and Michelle Obama.

  Library Display - Black History Month


National Tie Month:

All LIM College students, faculty and staff are invited to celebrate National Tie Month with the Adrian G. Marcuse Library.

While neckties have been around since the 17th century, the recognition of National Tie Month is a relatively recent development, due to the increase of ties purchased in December.

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library is celebrating National Tie Month with a dedicated display of several of its necktie and menswear titles. The Library offers numerous periodicals, DVDs and fashion forecasting services focusing on menswear. Interim Dean of Academic Affairs and Fashion Merchandising Department Chair Michael Londrigan’s book Menswear: Business to Style is also being featured now.

Visit the Library today and learn all about the menswear industry!

Fashion Fundamentals:

Selected by LIM Librarians, here is a PDF list of over 400 books related to fashion which are great to use for your Fashion Fundamentals paper.  All books available to be borrowed from the LIM Library.  Picture of recommended fashion fundamentals library books

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