Home Fashions

An entire industry -- with global sales of $289 billion -- is dedicated to understanding what products consumers want for their homes -- and to creating the products they desire. Style definitely counts in this arena. Fashionable names such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Vera Wang and other well-known brands all offer home furnishings lines.

Students pursuing a BBA in Fashion Merchandising may also select a track in Home Fashions. The Home Fashions track will allow you to pursue career paths within retail, manufacturing, brands, design houses, textiles, decorator showrooms, and sales offices that supply consumers with home fashions.

Courses in the Home Fashions Track

Home Fashions
Terminology and product knowledge are essential for retail buyers, product developers, stylists and wholesale sales associates interested in a career in home fashions. This course will explore the different areas of the Home Fashions market, covering the various classifications, materials, methods of manufacture, retailers, job opportunities available, trade fairs and methods of marketing and selling home fashions today. Raw materials, methods of fabrication, and manufacturing technology that determine quality and price will be discussed.

Applied Concepts in Fashion Merchandising
This course will prepare you to understand strategic concepts utilized within the fashion industry, with an emphasis on home fashion. Concepts such as costing, quality control, sales techniques, sourcing/manufacturing, PLM, and expanded research techniques will be explored.

Textiles for the Home
In this introductory course you will learn about the various properties, construction, performance and application of natural and man-made fibers, yarns, and fabrics. The application of fabric dyes and printing techniques will be studied and you will experience yarn and fabric construction through the aid of swatches. The impact of legislation on the home textile industry will also be covered.

CAD for the Home
This course will introduce you to computer- aided drawing and enable you to create flats boards, fabric boards, trend boards, spec sheets, and line sheets with an emphasis on the home fashions market. The course will also examine how technology has changed the professional workplace.

Product Development for the Home
Product Development is the identification of existing successful products and their various elements. It is the creation of product based upon identifying consumer purchasing behavior and overall market direction, combined with market research and forecasted color and fashion trends. This course will familiarize you with the process involved in developing home fashion products for a retailer, from initial concept to presentation.

Sales and Marketing for Home Fashions
You will be introduced to core marketing activities including: market segmentation, market research, consumer behavior, product strategy, pricing, promotion, and distribution within the home fashions industry supply chain. Marketing principles, policies, and practices used by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers will be covered. Successful sales techniques and the role of the salesperson and showrooms will be discussed and sales techniques will be demonstrated.

Senior Capstone
The capstone course requires the analysis, synthesis and application of the Fashion Merchandising Home Fashions curriculum. Drawing upon both classroom and industry experiences, you will collaborate on a project to develop a business plan for starting a new home fashions business. The project will culminate in the submission of a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation utilizing PowerPoint/video and presentation boards to a juried group of LIM College faculty, guests and industry representatives.

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