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Management Careers

Designer Kenneth Cole and LIM Alumnus Brian Perez talking in showroom

Students who choose to study Management graduate with communication, computation and technology skills, along with a solid foundation in the field of management.

Graduates can enter corporate management training programs, assume management responsibilities in smaller firms, explore entrepreneurship, or go on to earn a graduate degree.

Some Career Options

Buyer, Assistant Buyers devise financial plans for merchandising classifications including style/color/size decisions, as well as financial investments in various merchandise categories.

Human Resource Manager, HR Coordinators are responsible for recruiting, staffing and maintaining the retail workforce. They may specialize in areas that include training, compensation and employee relations.

Merchandise Managers oversee a group of buyers and are responsible for profitability, inventory levels and product merchandising across multiple departments/categories. 

General Managers, Store Managers oversee all retail operations including merchandising, operations, HR and customer service.

Department/Sales Managers, Management Trainees oversee department activities including merchandising and sales.

Store Owners handle both operational and merchandising functions and need an understanding of buying, accounting, finance, market research, advertising, sales and the legal environment.

Manufacturers oversee costs while establishing a brand image and achieving sales targets. 

Wholesalers, Showroom Salespeople select merchandise lines, establish a successful selling environment and communicate with suppliers and customers.

E-Commerce, Service Marketers, Franchisors attract customers and maintains seamless integration of orders using distribution and customer service strategies.

Supervisors, Unit Heads, Team Leaders, Office Managers plan, organize, direct and control others in a for-profit organizational setting. Administrators manage work teams in a not-for-profit setting.

Organizational Consultants apply their management background to consult for organizations in the retail, visual or fashion sectors. 

Sales Managers, Sales Representatives apply their management and marketing background to professionally sell/manage a sales force as an integral part of a company’s overall marketing management strategy.

Purchasing Managers, Purchasing Agents negotiate terms and conditions and evaluate business products that serve the needs of the organization. 

Real Life Work Experience

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