Marketing, Management & Finance


The Marketing, Management & Finance department at LIM College offers you an opportunity to study with experienced faculty members in a number of specialties including retailing, merchandising, human resources, law, marketing, communications and consulting. 

Every faculty member maintains currency in his or her discipline through research, professional activities and service to LIM College and to the community. While most of our professors have extensive backgrounds in fashion or fashion-related businesses, all members of the department have degrees and work experience that relate directly to the courses they teach. Several Marketing, Management & Finance professors have also run their own businesses and they bring these entrepreneurial skills into the classroom for your benefit.

Our faculty members are professionals and academics who bring years of experience and consulting to the classroom. We are committed to the philosophy of “learning by doing” and strive to engage the classroom with the business world.  Included in our ranks are global brand managers, market research specialists, licensing professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate managers.

Marketing, Management & Finance faculty members are also engaged in a wide variety of endeavors focusing on knowledge creation and dissemination. These include:

  • actively consulting in and engaging with marketing communities
  • discussing contemporary business problems with senior managers
  • helping entrepreneurs in emerging economies learn and apply the latest business practices
  • discussing contemporary business problems with senior managers
  • bringing state-of-the-art technologies and concepts to the classroom
  • authoring field-based case studies and books
  • publishing in and editing submissions to scholarly journals

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