Academic Departments

At LIM College the majority of the coursework you complete will be within your major, yet you will also take courses in each of our academic departments regardless of what your major is.

Your coursework is designed to interrelate across departments, so that you’ll be able to apply concepts and skills from one course to another. This ensures that you will develop a strong foundation in fashion, business, mathematics, technology and the humanities.

Our academic departments are:

At LIM College we take your academic development and the pursuit of your career goals seriously. The knowledge you gain here will allow you to understand the worlds of business and fashion, and will help you attain the professional position you desire. You will develop the critical-thinking ability, oral and written communications skills, and problem-solving capability that employers look for, and the knowledge base and perspective you’ll graduate with will also give you the flexibility to pursue graduate study if you choose to do so.


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