Faculty Profile

Eric Feigenbaum Chairperson, Visual Merchandising Department

Eric Feigenbaum is a recognized leader in the visual merchandising and store design industries. He has a wide range of domestic and international design experience, including serving as Corporate Director of Visual Merchandising for Stern’s Department Store and as the Director of Visual Merchandising for Walker Group/CNI, a New York City-based architectural design firm.

These days, in addition to leading LIM College’s Visual Merchandising department, Professor Feigenbaum is the New York editor of Visual Merchandising + Store Design magazine, and is the President and Director of Creative Services for his own retail design company, Globe Arts. He is also a prolific writer and lecturer on visual merchandising, store design, and the history of retail.

Professor Feigenbaum is dedicated to his students and consistently uses his industry contacts to create new opportunities for them. As a result of Professor Feigenbaum’s efforts, LIM College’s Visual Merchandising majors have worked on projects for The Fashion Center Business Improvement District, the International Retail Design Conference and the National Stationery Show.

Professor Feigenbaum is a recipient of the National Association of Display Industries (N.A.D.I.) Annual Award and is a founding member and Vice President of PAVE (A Partnership for Planning and Visual Education).

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