Arts & Sciences

The Department of Arts & Sciences at LIM College provides a liberal arts curriculum that is the foundation for critical and creative thinking necessary for academic and professional success.

As part of the process in creating this new department, course prefixes, Sonis descriptions, course schedules, and catalog changes will be fully implemented in Fall 2014.

The curriculum offers required courses to provide a strong foundation in communication and mathematical skills. These include: Research and Analysis, English Composition, Public Speaking, Professional Communications, College Algebra, and Statistics. In addition, electives enable students to pursue personal and professional interests. Among these are: Decorative Arts, Psychology, Middle Eastern Literature, Writers of New York City, Introduction to Film and language courses in French, Italian, and Spanish.

Our faculty members are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, each accomplished in their respective fields. Among them are poets, playwrights, online editors, and visual artists.

View a complete list of Arts & Sciences department courses offered at LIM College.

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