Summer Fashion Lab Course Descriptions- 2013

Art's Influence on Fashion: The class will explore the important relationship between Fashion and Historical Art Movements.  You will visit three museums in NYC and study the art in each collection specific to the specific movements. Each movement will in turn be discussed in terms of its influence on specific designers. 1- credit

Behind the Scenes: Fashion Field Trips: You’ll visit the fashion industry on their turf. Buyers, publicists, trendspotters, stylists and manufacturers will give you the scoop on their careers and what it takes to get ahead. (Dress Code: No jeans, shorts, tank tops, sneakers, bare midriffs, or flip-flops).0-credit

Celebrity Styling: Interested in styling celebrities for media, fashion events, and the red carpet? Topics covered will include: borrowing samples, doing fittings, and on-set work. The course leads up to a fashion shoot with a professional photographer, hair and makeup artist, and model. 1-credit

Event Planning: Discover the world of event planning and how it relates to fashion. You’ll learn all the steps involved in planning a fashion-industry “happening”. 0-credit

Fashion Buying: Buyers travel the world in search of the latest fashions for retailers and wholesalers. This course teaches you the ins and outs of being a professional buyer, including how to analyze fashion trends and understanding why people buy the clothes they do. 1-credit

Fashion Communications: Are you ready to talk the talk? This course focuses on improving public speaking, spokesperson and presentation skills teaching you how to connect with your audience. 1-credit

Fashion Forecasting: This course explores fashion forecasting at all industry levels, focusing on trend identification, analysis and synthesis. Students learn terminology, timing, sources of inspiration, research tools and presentation techniques. 1 - credit.

Fashion Magazines: This introduction to the magazine business focuses on the way a magazine is organized and operates as well as the terminology used in the industry. The course culminates in the creation of your own original magazine concept. 1-credit

Fashion Photography: Learn about photography in the fashion industry. This hands-on course will cover lighting, composition and balance, model casting, location scouting, and film editing. (You do not need to own a camera to enroll in this course.) 1-credit

Fashion Show Production: Learn how to plan, promote, and execute a fashion show. Topics covered will include: concept, music selection, stage design, merchandise selection, styling, model selection, and public relations.  This six hour daily course exposes you to every aspect you need to produce an actual fashion show on the final day of class. 1-credit

Fashion Styling: Explore opportunities in fashion styling, from publications to live events. Learn the stylist’s responsibilities and tricks of the trade. You will learn about and practice the specific steps required to conceptualize and execute the final project, a live fashion photo shoot. 1-credit

Marketing Communications: This course introduces you to the fundamentals of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and promotion management. You’ll learn how to create an integrated marketing campaign that effectively promotes your product or service. 1-credit

Project Fashion: This course offers you the challenge to conceptualize and create a fashion collection because in fashion – “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out!” Students will be introduced to the exciting process of fashion forecasting and product development. You will plan, create and develop a mini collection for a fashion retailer. Please note: No drawing or sewing experience needed. 1-credit

Social Media & Mobile Marketing: In this course you will explore the latest new media outlets such as blogs, social media channels, and guerilla marketing campaigns, among others, that modern companies are using more often to replace traditional fashion and business advertising models. 1-credit

The Skills of Career Development: Proper behavior and protocol skills are a key ingredient for creating and presenting yourself professionally. This course will look at marketing an "individual" as one would a "product". You will “discover” who you are and how you communicate by taking personality tests, assess how to develop the "skills" essential in a professional working environment and sharpen decision making strategies.  A tentative career plan will be developed.  Students will also explore topics relating to: Theories of Personalities, Self-Esteem, Managing Inter/Intra-personal Relationships, Basic Finance and Personal Management Skills and Networking. 1- credit.

The Vintage Clothing Industry: This course covers the history of vintage clothing and fabrics and its influence on the fashion business today. Designers, editors, celebrities, museum curators, costume designers for film and TV all look to vintage as a source for their professional needs and personal style. Students will learn about the organization of the vintage business from flea markets to the runway and will be taken on a field trip to a garment center studio that merchandises vintage fabrics to sell to clothing manufacturers and designers. 1-credit

Inside the Fashion Business: Gain insight into the dynamics of  fashion merchandising.  Learn about the scope of the industry, the consumer and what influences them in the fashion marketplace today.1-credit

Urban Fashion: The term, ‘Hip Hop’, when applied to fashion, refers to a distinctive style of dress that originated simultaneously between two coastal cities, New York and Los Angeles, and the Latino and African-American youth who lived there. There are now a significant number of retailers dedicated to hip hop inspired fashion and in this class we will not only trace the beginnings of the look but also how it has developed over a few short years to become a major force in streetwear.  The major manufacturers of this style will be reviewed to give the student a preview into potential careers. 1- credit.

Visual Merchandising and Display: This course gives you hands-on practice working with mannequins, props, and display cases. You’ll learn basic design principles and how to apply them to present merchandise that makes a powerful fashion statement. 1-credit

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