Math, Finance & Technology

We offer the unique opportunity to study mathematics, computer applications, finance and accounting within the context of the business of fashion, utilizing the latest classroom and distance-learning technology.

During initial required courses you will develop a strong foundation in the mathematical skills needed to succeed in all fashion business careers. We firmly believe that mathematics is not about just getting the answers, but rather understanding the process of thinking, comprehending and analyzing situations mathematically.

You will also take two technology courses, Computer Applications and Spreadsheet Applications, which use hands-on lessons to allow you to grasp and comprehend the technology materials in Microsoft Office 2007 applications, which are used extensively in business environments.

In your junior and senior year, you will study the concepts and applications of accounting and finance, developing knowledge and skills that will help you bridge the creative and numbers-driven worlds of the fashion industry.  
All of the skills you acquire through your Math, Finance & Technology courses will also be applied broadly in courses across the curriculum, including your industry internships, positioning you to emerge from LIM College as a successful and competitive graduate in the eyes of prospective fashion industry employers.

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