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Welcome from Dr. Susan Baxter, Chair of the Marketing, Management & Finance Department

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Welcome to the Marketing, Management, & Finance Department at LIM College!

Regardless of your specific career interest, the Marketing, Management, & Finance Department offers you a series of courses carefully designed to prepare you to assume the responsibilities associated with leading others toward the pursuit of individual and organizational goals. Whether you plan to work in a large corporate environment or a small business, here in the U.S. or internationally, for a for-profit or non-profit enterprise, there are courses and programs at LIM College that will provide you with the knowledge and direction necessary in today’s challenging job market.

The degree offered in the Marketing, Management, & Finance Department is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), a bachelor’s degree that is highly desirable for students planning to enter an MBA program. The required courses in the Marketing, Management, & Finance curriculum include Retailing, Management, Marketing, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Global Management, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management. These courses prepare you to think and be creative and to develop the problem-solving and analytical skills so valuable when motivating others, working cross-culturally, developing business plans, adapting to change and working ethically with stakeholders.

Our faculty of full- and part-time professors and instructors is comprised of industry professionals with a passion for teaching and a desire to bring currency to the classroom through their research, consulting activities and professional memberships. Our objectives are to demonstrate how theory enhances practice and that learning is a lifelong activity.

All students majoring in Marketing & Management are invited to participate in special programs offered at the College throughout the year and are encouraged to speak frequently with their assigned department faculty advisor. Marketing, Management, & Finance students are also strongly encouraged to study abroad to enhance their understanding of how business is conducted in other parts of the world.

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