Arts & Sciences

Welcome from Dr. Denice Yanni, Chair of the Department of Arts & Sciences

How do you extend the boundaries of your thought and, consequently, the boundaries of your life?

One way is to cultivate an engaged mind. Studying with interested students and dedicated faculty in challenging courses promotes our common vision: professionals in the fashion industry with the capacity for critical and creative thinking necessary to living in a complex world. Technological changes. Social changes. Political changes. All require innovation, passion, analysis, and commitment necessary to a shared future as global citizens.

The Department of Arts & Sciences recognizes the importance of liberal arts as the foundation for ensuring this future. We do so by offering required and elective courses. Fortune 500 executives consistently report that communication skills are essential to career success. You will learn those skills through core courses in writing, public speaking, and professional communication. The Writing Center furthers the development of ‘students-as-writers’ by offering assistance to those with course assignments as well as those who are enthusiastic about writing articles for the student-produced fashion magazine, blogging, and contributing to the literary magazine.

Professional success also requires abilities in practical mathematical skills necessary to comprehending financial issues that impact business decisions as well developing strategic plans. This quantitative ability is developed through a required program of math courses. Here, too, we have a Math Center that is supportive of all students through online and face-to-face tutoring.

In addition, we offer electives to further expand your self-knowledge and deepen your understanding of the ever-changing world in which we live. Your choices include: Contemporary Art, Introduction to Film, Pop Century: The Culture, Crisis and Conflict of Popular Music in the Postwar Era, Ethics, The Architecture of New York City, From Gaga to Beethoven: Writing and Music, Modern Theater, Digital Culture: Technologies of Identity, Psychology, and Economics.

We share the dreams of all students who enter our classrooms. And we commit to enhancing your opportunities for personal and professional success as thoughtful, active citizens of this global culture. In this way, you expand your boundaries of life by pursuing academic excellence.

If you have questions about our many courses and activities, please contact me at (212) 752-1530 Ext. 394. I look forward to meeting you.

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