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We live in a rapidly shifting economy, but the LIM College MBA is current and relevant, incorporating the essentials you need to achieve success in today and tomorrow’s fashion world. We’ve developed a learning structure to move you toward your goals and deepen your understanding of the business end of the fashion industry.

The LIM College MBA teaching methods rely on case studies and integrate experiential learning. Within the program, you will develop advanced capacities for critical thinking and an understanding of business ethics as applied to local and global organizations.

A Smart Sequence

You earn your LIM College MBA through an effective course progression that includes foundation courses in business administration covering management theories and strategies in the first and second terms. During your third term, you will focus on your concentrations in Fashion Management or Entrepreneurship (the latter beginning in 2010). Finally, your fourth term is comprised of elective courses designed to broaden your knowledge and skills within your specialization.

As an MBA student at LIM College, you will take interdisciplinary courses that impart highly transferable knowledge. These include:

• Managing Creative Minds
• Data Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Global Management and Leadership
• New Product Development

Additionally, you’ll take fashion-specific courses, including:

• Fashion Merchandising
• Retail Management
• Project Management in Fashion
• Luxury Marketing

A Manageable Goal

The LIM College MBA curriculum requires you to complete 51 credits (27 core credits and 24 within a student’s chosen
Concentration). If you have extensive fashion industry experience or are attending part-time, we can waive 6 credits of internship or exchange programs.

Entrepreneurship students will complete a capstone project that is built around a business plan competition, with students working in teams toward an award that may include seed capital.

Faculty Profile

Michael Londrigan

Dean of Academic Affairs

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