Hiring MBA Student Interns

We are delighted that you are interested in recruiting our MBA students to intern within your organization. Our students can provide your organization with a cutting edge perspective, as the LIM College MBA program is the only one of its kind in the United States that offers concepts and theories of management and leadership within the context of the fashion business.

The internships enable our students to earn formal academic credit reflecting the importance of this experiential learning in the MBA curriculum. They are  required to obtain an 11 week, 6 credit learning experience with a direct mentor/supervisor to provide assessment and direction. The students are required to complete a worksite project in addition to their assigned responsibilities which will analyze and assess an area of development or concern for the sponsor company, culminating in a presentation with recommendations. This is an opportunity to not only expand their experience, but also to apply MBA training and explore possible career opportunities. We can provide a letter of support from the college if your company does not require the intern to obtain academic credit.

This is a unique opportunity for sponsoring companies, as our students have prior industry experience and knowledge and can make significant contributions to your organization that only a student with MBA level skills can offer. As a sponsor company, you are expected to invest the time into structuring and managing the learning activities of the intern. We can assist in developing a learning experience that is mutually beneficial for both the sponsoring company and the student. 

Posting your internship is free. Your listing will appear in a database which students have 24/7 access to.  Once you have listed an internship with LIM College’s MBA program, you do not need to post again for the same position. It is best to keep the position open from semester-to-semester unless the position permanently becomes unavailable.

To register for an employer account:

Click on "Register for the First Time" in the "Employer Log-In" section here -  https://limcollegemba-csm.symplicity.com/
Complete the "Employer Registration" profile template and submit.
Once your "Employer Registration" information has been approved by Graduate Studies Career Services (within 24 hours), you will receive a password via email.

To post a job or internship for FREE:

Enter your email address as your "Username" and enter the password you were sent via email and log in.
To post your job or internship to LIM College for free, click on the "Create new job or internship posting”  link.
You can begin to complete the job posting template.
Your position will be available to LIM College students and alumni within 24 hours on Symplicity, a password protected on-line database of jobs and internships.

A sincere thank you for your interest our students. You have the ability to play a very crucial part in their career development, and for this we are grateful. To request further information, please call 212-752-1530, ext. 422, or send an email to: graduatestudiescareerservices@graduate.limcollge.edu

We look forward to working with you.

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