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Professor Roseanna Lane's new play to be staged at Blackbird Theater


A play in tribute to the late Professor Leah Ryan

“The Amaranthine Thread” is a new play written by Arts & Communications adjunct faculty member Roseanna Lane as a tribute to the late Professor Leah Ryan.

Amaranthine is both the color of purple and a mythical flower that never fades. In writing “The Amaranthine Thread,” a young American wrestles with the illness of her mentor Leah Ryan, the insensitivity of her playboy-turned-activist boyfriend and the ghost of her Gypsy grandmother. In the end, it is Leah who serves as the link among these three very different women.

Showtimes for “The Amaranthine Thread” (a tribute to the late Leah Ryan) are:
Friday, Feb. 19  at 7 PM
Saturday, Feb. 20 at 9 PM
Sunday, Feb. 21 at 2 PM

Where Eagles Dare – Blackbird Theater
347 West 36th St. - 13th Floor

Produced by Left Hip Productions. Tickets are $15 at door, or contact Professor Lane for advanced sales.

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