Writing Center

The LIM College Writing Center prepares students for academic and career success by offering one-on-one tutoring and providing opportunities for students to publish their work. We also collaborate with all departments across LIM College to foster excellence in writing, speaking, reading and critical thinking. 

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Our experienced faculty and peer tutors provide one-on-one support in: 

• Writing and Revising
• Critical Reading
• Critical Thinking
• APA Documentation
• Job Search & Resume Writing
• Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

In-Class Presentations

Our faculty tutors offer in-class Writing Intensive presentations, with topics including:

• Getting to Know the Writing Center
• Writing is Rewriting: Why Revision is Essential
• Perfecting APA Style
• Achieving an Effective Writing Style
• Identifying Common Grammar Mistakes
• Achieving Unity & Organization

Writers Circle

The Writing Center is also home base for the LIM College's print and online student magazine, The Lexington Line. All students are encouraged to get involved, especially those with an interest in a career in fashion journalism, in publishing their own work online, or in pursuing any other form of writing. 

Come visit us!

The Writing Center is on the third floor of Maxwell Hall (216 East 45th St.). Students can make tutoring appointments by accessing our scheduling system online. Computers in the Writing Center are free for student use anytime the building is open.


John Deming
Director of the Writing Center
212-752-1530 Ext. 232

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