Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question for the Registrar? Here are a few frequently asked questions. You can also contact us at any time with questions.



Q: How do I change my address?
A: LIM College will periodically be sending you important information through the mail; it is therefore very important to make sure we have your most updated address and phone number. We keep one primary address for you to which all your mail (grades, bills, etc.) will be sent. If you’d like your tuition bill to be mailed to a different address (i.e., parents or sponsor), you can also have a billing address added. You can change your primary address online through your SONIS account or can come in to our office and fill out a Change of Address Form. You MUST come in to the Office of the Registrar to add a billing address.

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Q: How can I verify my enrollment?
A: Sometime during your stay at LIM College, it may become necessary for the Office of the Registrar to verify your enrollment. Examples of those times are for medical insurance purposes, the NJ Transit Student Monthly Pass Program and student loan deferments. The Office of the Registrar can verify in writing your full or part-time status, matriculation, primary address, expected date of graduation and periods of attendance. We can create an official letter with an official signature and school seal, or we can complete a pre-filled out form which you supply. 

Verification can only be done for one semester at a time and only after the first week of classes. You can download a general verification form or pick one up in our office.

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Q: How do I request a transcript?
A: A transcript is an official printout of your courses and grades at LIM College; it also contains information on any degree(s) you earn here. Transcripts are printed on security paper, signed, stamped and sent in a sealed envelope. You may request a copy of your transcript while still at LIM College or at anytime in the future. There is a small fee assessed for producing a transcript and all transcripts produced by the Office of the Registrar are official transcripts. 

If you need an unofficial transcript, you can print out your academic history from your online SONIS account.  You can download a transcript request form or pick one up in our office.

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