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As a Marketing major, you’ll learn that the ability to attract and retain customers is the center of any organization’s success.

Ultimately, marketing is the function in business responsible for understanding the customer’s needs and translating those needs into a solution that the customer feels is of value.  This is accomplished through a process of developing a customer understanding, identifying customer desires and developing solutions to those desires. You will then be able to identify the means to deliver the solution to the customer in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Marketing major at LIM College takes this basic process further by focusing on one of the most global and dynamic industries in the world -- the fashion industry. The brand-focused, fast-paced, and internationally-oriented program also provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve in any industry. Through courses in Advertising, Brand Management, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, as well as International Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Cross Cultural Analysis, you’ll be prepared for success in highly competitive organizations, markets, and fashion-driven industries.

As a graduate with a BBA degree in Marketing from LIM College, you can work in fields such as Public Relations, Brand Management, Events Management, Publicity, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Relations and eCommerce.

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Marketing - Class of 2013

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