Visual Merchandising Major

Two students attaching coffee beans to a dress form

Visual merchandising is an indispensable and integral component of the fashion business. It is the tool or language that retailers use to communicate with the customer.

Successful retailers place great emphasis on compelling presentations of merchandise. The question confronting every retailer is: What encourages a customer to shop in one store rather than another? The answer: A coordinated effort that includes marketing, merchandising, store design and visual merchandising.

As a Visual Merchandising major pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at LIM College, you’ll be exposed to an in-depth analysis of the retail store environment. You will be introduced to the principles, philosophies and technologies of visual merchandising through first-hand exploration of the marketplace and hands-on classroom experimentation, using the newest software.

With New York City as an inspirational backdrop, you’ll visit local retail establishments to view displays and engage in on-site investigation and documentation of successful design and merchandising practices.

Additionally, you will learn basic drawing techniques used by retail designers to indicate and communicate store layout and design concepts. Various visual merchandising tools such as mannequins, forms and decorative props will also be introduced as you develop your own displays.

The careers a Visual Merchandising major can pursue include:

• Visual Merchandising Director
• Display Designer/Director
• Visual Merchandising Consultant

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