Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated classes are ideal for individuals who seek to study particular subjects without taking all of the courses required for a  degree. Taking individual courses as a non-matriculated student at LIM College may be done:

  • to see if LIM College is the right environment for you
  • as a refresher
  • for career advancement
  • for personal development

Non-matriculated students may not take more than 18 credits without applying for matriculation, unless given permission by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Non-matriculated students who have completed eighteen (18) credits must meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss their future academic goals. All qualifying courses completed as a non-matriculated student may apply toward an LIM College certificate or degree at any time. International students may not apply for non-matriculated status.

Non-Matriculated students pay per credit tuition and are not eligible for financial aid.

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