Admissions FAQs

 What degrees and majors does LIM College offer?

  • BS in International Business
  • BBA in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, Management, or Visual Merchandising
  • BPS in Fashion Merchandising
  • AAS in Fashion Merchandising
  • MPS in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management
  • MPS in Fashion Marketing
  • MPS in Visual Merchandising 
  • MPS in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management

What is the tuition at LIM College?
Tuition for the 2014-15 academic year is $24,225. This does not include housing, books, or mandatory fees. Part-time tuition is $785 per credit. Housing is approximately an additional $15,850 (cost for annual housing contract in LIM College's residence hall).

Where is LIM College located?
LIM College is comprised of three academic buildings which are located in midtown Manhattan and are within walking distance of each other.

  • The Townhouse: 12 East 53rd St. (between Fifth & Madison Aves.)  
  • Fifth Avenue: 545 Fifth Ave. (at East 45th St.)
  • Maxwell Hall: 216 East 45th St. (between 2nd & 3rd Aves.)

Our state-of-the-art residence hall is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

What organization is LIM College accredited by?
LIM College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Our undergraduate and MBA degree programs are also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. 

Is there a minimum GPA or SAT/ACT score required for admission to LIM College?
No. The average LIM College student has a solid "B" average (a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale). The average test score on the Math and Critical Reading sections of the SAT is 937 and a composite ACT score of 19 for Fall 2014 entering students.

If I take the ACT, do I need to take the Writing Test?
Yes. Undergraduate Admissions will require all applicants for Fall 2012 and beyond who take the ACT to complete the Writing Test.

How big is LIM College?
As of Fall 2014, 1552 undergraduate students were enrolled at LIM College. Our student to faculty ratio is 8 to 1 and our average class size is 18.

Does LIM College accept fee waivers?
Yes, for incoming freshmen only. We suggest all students using a fee waiver apply for admission by using our paper application and send both forms in together.

Does LIM College require a portfolio for admission?
No. However, we do suggest that students submit an Activity Sheet.

If I am accepted, can I defer my decision?
Enrolled students have the option to defer for a maximum of two semesters. However, all deferrals must be on a semester by semester basis. Students seeking a deferral must fill out the Undergraduate Admissions Defer Application Form and return it to Admissions via email or fax at 212-750-3432.

Students who are not enrolled cannot defer their application and would need to reapply at a later date. 

Is financial aid available?
Yes. Approximately 79% of LIM College students receive some form of financial aid. Both need-based and merit-based aid are available.

What is the FAFSA and do I need to fill it out?
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is a government form that all students seeking financial aid must fill out. Our Office of Student Financial Services recommends that all applicants fill out the FAFSA.

Is housing available?
Yes. LIM College’s residence hall is located on Manhattan's Upper East Side and is home to more than 350 of our students.

Is housing guaranteed?
LIM College housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

How can I visit LIM College?
There are a number of ways to visit LIM College, including Open Houses, Information Sessions, and private visits.

What is LIM College's policy on Early Action?
Early Action is a non-binding agreement that is available to incoming freshmen only. In order to qualify for Early Action, applicants must submit all application materials and the Early Action Form by November 15. Applicants that meet these criteria are sent a decision on or after December 15. 

What are the policies for transfer students?
• There is no minimum number of credits required to apply to LIM College.
• Our transfer credit policy allows you to transfer a maximum of 65 credits into LIM College.

What are the policies concerning international students?
LIM College welcomes international students from all over the globe. Please consult our International Student Application Procedures for details.

What constitutes an offer of admission?
Official notification of an offer of admission can only be made by the Dean of Admissions, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, or the Admissions Committee. Notification will be sent via mail on official LIM College letterhead within four to six weeks of receipt of the completed application.

A letter or email from a faculty member, student, or staff member outside of Undergraduate Admissions does not constitute an official offer of admission. Official notification will not be disseminated via email, social media, or telephone. If you receive a notice that you find questionable, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 212-752-1530.


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