Admissions Process for Freshmen

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You are considered a freshman applicant if you are currently in high school, even if you are taking college courses. If you are participating in a dual-enrollment program, you should apply as a freshman regardless of the amount of college credits you will earn.

Once you submit your application, any supplemental information (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) you have sent in will be assembled into a file.

We will send an acknowledgement letter via mail confirming the receipt of your application. If something is missing that is necessary to complete your application, the letter will notify you about what is missing. ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE ATTENTION OF UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS.

Once all application requirements are complete, you will be notified of our decision within four to six weeks, unless the application was filed under our Early Action option.

Early Action is a non-binding agreement that is intended for students who exhibit a sincere interest in attending LIM College. Early Action Applicants must apply and submit all application materials by November 15th, including the Early Action Form, which can be found within the online application. For paper applicants, the Early Action Form will be available once your application has been processed and you obtain access into your application portal. Qualifying applicants will be sent decisions around December 15th.

Only incoming first-time freshmen who have not matriculated at another college can apply under Early Action.

You may apply online or print a paper application.

Admissions Decisions

Official notification of an offer of admission can only be made by the Dean of Admissions, Assistant Dean of Admissions, or the Admissions Committee. Notification will be sent via mail on official LIM College letterhead within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the completed application.

A letter or email from a faculty member, student, or staff member outside the Undergraduate Admissions Office does not constitute an official offer of admission. Official notification will not be disseminated via email, social media, or telephone. If you receive a notice that you find questionable, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 212-752-1530.

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