Transfer Student FAQ

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Q: Who is considered a transfer student for application purposes?
A: A transfer student is someone who has graduated from high school and taken classes at another institution of higher education.

Q: What are LIM College’s policies for transfer students?
There is no minimum number of credits required to apply to LIM College. Students with less than 15 credit hours at the time of application will be asked to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Our Transfer Credit Guidelines allows you to transfer a maximum of 65 credits into LIM College. LIM College has a number of Articulation Agreements with community colleges. LIM College typically accepts business, fashion and liberal arts credits with a grade of “C” or better.

Q: If I attend a community college for the first two years can I transfer to LIM College with an associate degree?
A: Absolutely. Students with an associate degree may be accepted for full junior standing, but will be required to fulfill all degree and residency requirements.

Q: Will I be eligible for housing?
A: Yes. LIM College’s off-campus housing at 1760 Third Avenue is open to all levels of students on a first-come, first-served basis. You can request to live with another upper division student if you so desire.

Q: Are there any specific scholarships for transfer students?
A: Yes. Our most popular is the LIM College transfer grant which is awarded to students who transfer into LIM College with an associate degree and a 2.75 or higher GPA. 

Q: If I transfer into LIM College, will I still be able to do an internship?
A: Yes. Depending on your prior coursework you will have the chance to take up to three internships. All transfer students will also complete our Senior Co-op, which is a semester-long full-time internship.

Q: How can I visit LIM College?
A: There are a number of ways to visit LIM College including Open Houses, Information Sessions and private visits.  LIM College also hosts a number of transfer specific visit options.

Q: When will my transcripts be evaluated?
A: Student transcripts are evaluated after acceptance to the college.

Q: What is the maximum number of credits I can transfer to LIM College?
A: The maximum number of accepted transfer credits that may be applied towards an associate degree is 32. The maximum number of accepted transfer credits that may be applied towards a bachelor’s degree is 65.

Q: Are my transfer credits negotiable?
A: Transfer credit evaluations are completed according to the LIM College Transfer Credit Guidelines. If you would like to discuss your evaluation, please contact the Coordinator of Transfer Services.

Q: Why didn't all of my credits transfer?
A: Reviewing the Transfer Credit Guidelines may assist in understanding why a course did not transfer. Of course, any and all questions can be directed towards the Coordinator of Transfer Services. 

Q: How are my courses evaluated?
A: Each course the student has completed is evaluated for course equivalency based on the course description.

Q: What if I am transferring from a Quarter/Trimester institution? Will I have to retake classes I've already taken?
A: If a student took a course at a Quarter/Trimester institution, the student will not have to re-take the course at LIM. However, the credits will be converted respectively to match LIM College semester hours; therefore, the student might notice a difference in their credits upon transferring.

Q: Do I need to provide course descriptions to receive a credit evaluation?
A: No. Once the student submits official transcripts to Admissions Office, each course is evaluated based on the respective college's course catalog. If additional information is needed, such as providing a course syllabus, the student will be notified.

Q: I'm not currently studying fashion, will my credits transfer?
A: Yes. LIM College has many students who have transferred from a non-fashion related program. All of LIM College's majors require general education classes. Examples include: Public Speaking, English Composition, among other courses most schools offer. Business related courses are also required in all LIM College majors.

Q: When will I know if my credits transferred?
A: Once the student is accepted, the student will receive a breakdown of how many credits transferred. In addition, the student will receive a checklist detailing how the courses are applicable to the program the student has chosen, as well as the courses the student has left to take at LIM College.

Q: Can I meet with an academic advisor before classes start?
A: Yes! If you have any questions regarding how your credits will transfer, you can make an appointment with the Coordinator of Transfer Services to discuss the courses you have completed and how they would potentially transfer to LIM College.

Q: What if I want to appeal a transfer course equivalency?
A: Once the student receives their Transfer Credit Evaluation and wishes to appeal a course decision, the student may submit a course syllabus for a reevaluation upon discussion with the Coordinator of Transfer Services.



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