Tuition, Fees, & Financial Aid for International Students

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Tuition, fees, and residence hall costs for the 2014-2015 school year are $40,075. You should also budget between $8,000-$11,500 for books, transportation, food,  personal expenses, and health insurance(if necessary). Please visit our main tuition and fees page for a detailed breakdown of costs.

All accepted students who are applying for a visa will need to provide proof to the US government that they can support their annual living and tuition cost for the duration of their degree. We ask that students and their families look closely at the costs of living and studying in the U.S. and make careful plans to be sure your needs will be met.

Financial Aid

We regret that we are unable to offer financial aid to applicants who are not US citizens or permanent residents. International students are also not eligible for federal or state funds.

International students can apply for a private student loan (with an eligible co-signer) and are eligible to be considered for LIM College Academic Achievement Scholarship or Transfer Grants. Students who are eligible will be notified at the time of acceptance.

Payment Options

You can make tuition and other payments to LIM College by wire transfer or a check drawn on a US bank. If you plan on paying by wire transfer you must first contact our Student Accounts Office for details.

Please note that if you are paying by wire transfer, banks typically charge a fee for the service. Be sure to take this into consideration when forwarding payment.

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