Why LIM College?

Five students dressed in black gathered backstage. Two are wearing headsets.

Selecting the right college to attend is a difficult and important decision. The choice you make will depend on your career goals, academic interests and financial resources.

Here are some reasons why LIM College might be the right choice for you:

Location, Location, Location
If you’re serious about fashion, where else would you go to study other than New York City? LIM College is located right in the heart of fashion industry. Your college campus will be the social and cultural capital of the world, the Big Apple!

Industry Immersion
The best way to get into the fashion industry is to network and obtain as much experience as possible. Beginning with your first semester, you can volunteer at Fashion Week and attend special events -- and you will also complete one of three required internships. At LIM College, you will get the hands-on experience you need to succeed.

Personal Attention
At LIM College you’re never just a number. With an average class size of 17 and an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, we ensure you’ll be able to interact closely with our staff and faculty to maximize your potential.

Strategic Growth
At LIM College we’re always investing our resources for your benefit. By growing in the right directions, we’re constantly improving your college experience. Our MPS program, concentration in Digital Business Strategy, and track in Retail Buying & Planning are just a few examples of recent initiatives. Plus, we’ve been on Princeton Review’s list of “Best Northeastern Colleges” for eight years running.

Career Focus
This one is simple: We’re focused on your career. Our formula for success is Degree + Resume= Great Career. As a result, our graduates enter the job market with a leg up on the competition because of the vast experience they have acquired at LIM College.

Going to School in the Fashion Capital

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