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Notice: LIM College will be closed Wednesday, November 25, thru Friday, Novemeber 27 for Thanksgiving.  We will reopen on Monday, November 30.

& Fees

Your LIM College education is an investment in your future. Our education is not only attainable; it’s affordable. We offer financial assistance to approximately 80% of our students in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and student employment opportunities—all designed to support your entire educational career.


How to Apply

Academic Year


Undergraduate Costs

Full-time Student Annual Costs (12-19 credits per semester)
Expense Cost
Tuition $24,250
Technology Fee $300
Student Activity Fee $275
Each Additional Credit Above the Normal Maximum Load (19 credits) $805
Independent Study (per course, over and above tuition costs) $805
Student Accident and Sickness Insurance $1,640

Undergraduate students should also anticipate approximately $900 per year for textbooks and other supplies.


Expense Cost
Tuition per Credit $805
Registration Fee $50
Computer Lab Fee $150
Student Activity Fee $138
Zero-credit Course $650


Estimated Living Costs

Approximate cost to reside and study in New York City
Expense Cost
Transportation $1,200 - $2,000
Housing Charge (annual housing contract for LIM College’s Residence Hall) $15,850
Room or Board (resident students) $4,000
Personal Expenses $1,500


Graduate Costs

Full-time MPS program for 3 semesters (for on-campus study only) and 30 credits
Tuition $26,250


Estimated at a minimum of $800 per month for an off-campus apartment (18 months); 5 or more credits required. (Lease required to document and maximum of $1,500/month is allowed.)



Estimated at $1,800 per Fall and Spring term; and $1,200 for Summer (enrolled in 5 credits or more is required).



Estimated at $600 per term fall/spring & $1,200 for summer (6cr) (based on 12 credits; prorated below 12 credits)


Personal Expenses

Estimated at $900 per Fall and Spring term; and $600 for Summer (enrollment in 5 or more credits is required)


Books & Supplies

Estimated at $600 per term for the first two semesters (based on 12 credits; prorated below 12 credits)



Additional Resources

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