General Notice

Notice: LIM College will be closed from Friday, February 12, until Monday, February 15, for Presidents' Weekend. We will reopen on Tuesday, February 16.

& Fees

Your LIM College education is an investment in your future. Our education is not only attainable; it’s affordable. We offer financial assistance to approximately 80% of our students in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and student employment opportunities—all designed to support your entire educational career.


How to Apply

Academic Year

Undergraduate Costs

Full-time Student Annual Costs (12-19 credits per semester)
Expense Cost
Tuition $24,250
Technology Fee $300
Student Activity Fee $275
Each Additional Credit Above the Normal Maximum Load (19 credits) $805
Independent Study (per course, over and above tuition costs) $805
Student Accident and Sickness Insurance $1,640

Undergraduate students should also anticipate approximately $900 per year for textbooks and other supplies.


Expense Cost
Tuition per Credit $805
Registration Fee $50
Computer Lab Fee $150
Student Activity Fee $138
Zero-credit Course $650

Estimated Living Costs

Approximate cost to reside and study in New York City
Expense Cost
Transportation $1,200 - $2,000
Housing Charge (annual housing contract for LIM College’s Residence Hall) $15,850
Room or Board (resident students) $4,000
Personal Expenses $1,500

Summer Costs

Tuition $680 per credit

Zero-credit courses


Independent Study Courses

$680 per credit

Registration Fee

$50 (non-refundable)

Summer Housing

$1,500 per session

Financial Aid

Some forms of financial aid are available for those who qualify. You will be required to complete the summer financial aid form (and optional Indirect Cost Form). Please note that student loans generally require at least half-time enrollment to be eligible.

Summer Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policy

Session A and B: If you drop or withdraw from a course(s) during the first week of summer session A or B, a 50% tuition liability will be assessed.
Session C: If you drop or withdraw from a class during:

  • Week 1: 25% tuition liability
  • Week 2: 50% tuition liability
  • Week 3: 75% tuition liability

There will be no refunds after the first week of summer session A & B, and the third week of summer session C, and the $50 registration fee is non-refundable.

Graduate Costs

Full-time MPS program for 3 semesters (for on-campus study only) and 30 credits
Tuition $26,250


Estimated at a minimum of $800 per month for an off-campus apartment (18 months); 5 or more credits required. (Lease required to document and maximum of $1,500/month is allowed.)



Estimated at $1,800 per Fall and Spring term; and $1,200 for Summer (enrolled in 5 credits or more is required).



Estimated at $600 per term fall/spring & $1,200 for summer (6cr) (based on 12 credits; prorated below 12 credits)


Personal Expenses

Estimated at $900 per Fall and Spring term; and $600 for Summer (enrollment in 5 or more credits is required)


Books & Supplies

Estimated at $600 per term for the first two semesters (based on 12 credits; prorated below 12 credits)


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