Alumni Profile

ALEXA KRITIS, CLASS OF 2011 Wedding Coordinator, Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa

“I feel so lucky for the priceless college experiences that prepared me for my professional career. I couldn't be happier - and I owe a lot of that to my studies at LIM.”

As a Management major with a concentration in Event Planning, Alexa completed internships at Tiffany & Co., Capsule Studio and Atrium while she was a student. She says that interning during her freshman year made her realize just how necessary real-world experience is.  Alexa also cites the classes she took to prepare for those internships as an important reason she was able to obtain - and excel - in her current position.

Alexa’s advice to students? “If you truly know that something is for you, stick with it and don't let that dream go!  You have the power to make it all happen. Don't be afraid to be the best you can be.”

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