Alumni Profile

Sara Molinaro, Class of 2010 Merchandising and Sales Assistant, DKNY Women's Accessories

“At LIM College you have the opportunity to put what you learned in the classroom to work during your internships. That’s something many other students don't get to experience.”

In her job at DKNY Women’s Accessories Sara is challenged with a wide scope of duties and responsibilities on a daily basis – everything from sales, to production, to visual merchandising.

She says, “I really enjoy getting to work hands-on with the accessories from start to finish. I participate in the development process, merchandise the showroom, show the collection during Market Week, and monitor how it performs on the selling floor.”

While she was a student at LIM College, the Charlottesville, Virginia native did internships at InStyle magazine, Scoop NYC, Donna Karan and Lee Angel.

Sara’s advice for new students? “Take advantage of every opportunity that crosses your path. Be proactive! The more internships and events you participate in, the more clear it will become about what aspect of the industry you want to begin your career in. You can never, ever have too many contacts, or too much experience.”


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