Dept. of Experiential Education & Career Management

Experiential Education

A young man crouching near green child-sized mannequins

The experiential education program at LIM College is built on a philosophy of “learning by doing” and on the belief  that business and management are both an art and a science.  We can effectively teach the science in a classroom but the art is something that requires direct engagement with the phenomenon under study and a degree of “practice” that develops the skills of the art form.  Further, the program is built on the concept that the path to success is a path to self-awareness.  Through the program graduates will identify and pursue career paths that are self-fulfilling and lead to greater degrees of self-actualization.  This can only happen when graduates have a significant degree of self-awareness.

“… self-awareness is an essential first step toward maximizing management skills.  Self-awareness can improve our judgment and help us identify opportunities for professional development and personal growth.”

- Dr. Scott Williams


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