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Fashion Merchandising Careers

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Fashion Merchandising comprises of a range of activities that make the fashion product look its best. Careers in Fashion Merchandising are available in the women’s, men’s, children’s, beauty and home market segments.

Fashion Merchandising careers can generally be categorized into three paths: fashion direction, product development and publishing.

Some Career Options

Fashion Director - Fashion directors are responsible for identifying trends, with the help of observations from retailers, manufacturers and publications. Research and presentation skills and a keen fashion sense are vital for success in this area.

Fashion Forecaster - Fashion forecasters research and predict trends that will be prevalent in the forthcoming seasons. Fashion forecasters work for retail corporate offices, manufacturers and fashion services. Fashion forecasting is also known as trend forecasting.

Fashion Stylist - Fashion stylists ensure that the merchandise and the person wearing it look amazing. Most stylists do freelance work before they gain popularity. Freelancing while you’re in college is a great idea! Once a stylist has acquired a following, he/she works with fashion show producers, magazines, catalogs, advertising agencies and celebrities.
Fashion Show Producer - Fashion show producers produce live fashion shows for designers, production companies and public relations firms. Some of the responsibilities that come with this job include managing the show’s budget and booking and scheduling models. Organizational skills are a must if you want to become a fashion show producer.

Event Planner - Like fashion show producers, event planners must be extremely organized to be efficient. Event planners use creativity when they plan events that might include product launches, charity galas, trunk shows and store openings.

Product Developer - Product Developers are responsible for understanding a retailer’s or manufacturer’s target customer. In order to understand the target customer, Product Developers research current retail performance. Once the Product Developer understands the target customer, they plan and produce merchandise for the retailer or manufacturer.

Merchandiser - Merchandisers are a lot like Product Developers. Merchandisers assume the responsibility for the direction of all of the product development within a company (usually a manufacturer). Merchandisers also act has a liaison between the design and marketing divisions within a company.

Fashion Magazine Editor - Fashion magazine editors are responsible for creating the vision and maintaining the identity of the editorial content of a magazine. This career usually starts with an internship that develops into the entry-level position of editorial assistant.

Advertising Sales - Advertising salespeople are responsible for reaching quotas set by magazine publishers. This is a challenging, exciting and high-paying facet of publishing. Advertising director is one of the executive positions in this area.

Promotion and Marketing Editor - The marketing department of a magazine develops and implements promotional projects, marketing campaigns and special events. These projects boost the magazine’s circulation. This career path is best suited for people that are business- savvy and creative thinkers.

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