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Marketing Careers

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Marketing is the manner in which a company creates, communicates and delivers its product or service to consumers. Marketing incorporates fields such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, event planning, retail store positioning, manufacturing and fashion.

Every industry utilizes marketing in some form. It is the way a company or a designer presents itself to consumers, captures their attention, and convinces them to buy or use their product.

Some Career Options

Advertising - Key positions in this field include copywriter, production manager, art director, account executive and media planner.

Brand and/or Product Management - Managers plan and control marketing efforts needed to make their products successful. Key positions include brand manager, market analyst, project director and research director.

Sales and Sales Management - Consumer salesperson, account manager, sales trainer and sales manager are some key positions that fall under this umbrella.

Retailing – If you pursue a career in retailing you are able to take on marketing responsibilities early on. Store managers, regional managers, department managers and retail buyers all take on marketing responsibilities in presenting their store, department or goods to the consumer.

Market Research - Employment opportunities abound here. Market researchers define problems and seek to rectify them through research projects and recommendations. Opportunities in market research exist with retailers, manufacturers, trade associations, market research firms, ad agencies and other types of companies.

Direct Marketing - In this field a company communicates to a specific group of customers via the web, direct mail, or other methods.

Positions involving new product planning, public relations, and with nonprofit organizations all require marketing skills as well.

Senior Co-op at Iconix Brand Group

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