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Hosting a Field Trip

Field trips are an integral part of the LIM College curriculum and student experience. They provide an introduction to the various areas of the fashion industry including publishing, manufacturing, visual merchandising, retailing, marketing, and the arts. These trips are invaluable both culturally and professionally and allow students the opportunity to network within the industry.

Field Trips:

  • Familiarize LIM College students with the New York fashion industry and allied fields 
  • Develop students’ understanding of the interaction among the various segments of the fashion industry
  • Give students an awareness of job opportunities and career possibilities within the industry 
  • Help students learn about the segment of the fashion business they wish to enter, thus allowing them to begin planning the correct course of action to attain their goals

A field trip typically involves hosting approximately 20 students and a professor at your company or organization for roughly an hour. You would be asked to give a 30-minute presentation and then offer the students about 20 minutes for a Q&A session. 

Topics covered on a successful field trip may include:

  • When, where and why a company was founded, how it has changed, where it is going
  • How the company differentiates itself from its competition
  • How long it takes to create an issue, collection etc.  
  • The corporate structure and the function of each division
  • Job opportunities and qualifications for an entry-level position
  • General career paths within the company

For more information, or to discuss other ways you can get involved with LIM College, email us at or call 212-752-1530 Ext. 329.

LIM College Field Trips

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