Dept. of Experiential Education & Career Management

Guest Speaking at LIM College

Robert Verdi with LIM College students

The Department of Experiential Education & Career Management, in conjunction with departments and faculty across the College, develop and manage a range of opportunities to bring outside speakers to our classes and open lecture events. Our Experiential Education philosophy drives us to seek opportunities to bring the real world to the College to meet with students, faculty and staff.




As a speaker you might:

  • familiarize students with the New York fashion industry and allied fields
  • help develop the students’ sense of the interaction among the various segments of the fashion industry
  • foster an awareness of job opportunities and career possibilities within the industry
  • help students learn about the segment of the fashion business they wish to enter, thus allowing them to begin planning the correct course of action to attain their goals
  • Provide insights into trends in the business world and fashion and related industries

If you would like to speak at LIM College, please contact us at or call 212-752-1530 x 329.

Alumni Profile

Lauren Deatherage, Class of 2003

Senior Product Trend Analyst, Cotton Incorporated

Lauren Deatherage View  

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