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New Book on Venice by Arts & Communications Faculty Member


Venice: The City, The Art and The History by Lorenza Smith available on amazon.com

Lorenza Smith's new book, Venice: The City, The Art and The History has been published by Arsenale Editrice and is now available on amazon.com. Smith, who is a former Art Historian at the Ministry of Fine Arts in Italy, teaches Italian at LIM College.

According to the amazon.com product description, "This book offers a complete analysis of painting, sculpture and architecture in Venice from its origins to the present day. Works of art and literature are the privileged approach revealing an unique sequence of historical, political, social and especially artistic events. There is an approach that embraces to the full all the aspects of a history going back several thousand years: from the great churches renowned all over the world to the particular architectural details that ensure the unique character of the Lagoon city. The author helps us discover a different Venice, indeed characterized by its famous monuments but also by its secret beauties such as the numerous private gardens, the solitary fields and the endless stories linked with often inaccessible places. This is a beautiful book, rediscovering what is already celebrated yet also astonishing us through a Venice known only to a select few."

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