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Once you've exhausted your Federal, State, and LIM College resources, please take advantage of our Outside Scholarship information page and our Private Alternative Loans page for more assistance.

You may also find that these non-traditional funding sources provide you and your family with additional options for financing your education. Many of these services are part of a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows you to borrow funds without a credit check from friends and family payable in terms established by the family. Other peer-to-peer sites lend based on a combination of academic merit and traditional credit score.

GreenNote  is a new company that has been created to help you obtain loans for education via social networking rather than through traditional lending methods. GreenNote loans feature a low fixed interest rate of 6.8%. Virtually all students are eligible since there are no credit requirements or traditional underwriting criteria. Visit the GreenNote website for information on how to get started.

Credit Unions
Credit Unions are becoming a source of private alternative education loans.  Check with your local Credit Union for loan eligibility requirements. 

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