Financial Aid

Summer Tuition

Summer 2014 Payment Deadline:

Payment for tuition, registration fee and housing charges must be paid in full by Tuesday, May 6, 2013. The non-refundable $50 registration fee is not required before registration; this fee will be included in your billing statement. Please note that if your balance is not paid in full by the deadline dates listed above, your name will be dropped from the class roster. To reschedule, you must meet with your Academic Advisor in person during add/drop and payment will be due in full at time of registration.

Summer 2014 Tuition, Fees and Housing:

 Three Credit Course  $1,980
 Four Credit Course  $2,640
 Summer Independent Study (per credit)  $660
 Zero Credit Course (per course)  $600
 Summer Registration Fee (per session)  $50 (non-refundable)
 Undergrad Summer Housing Charge (per session)  $1,250 + $50 Application fee


Summer 2014 add/drop and withdrawal dates:

Summer spanning courses add/drop and withdrawal dates are on the current online LIM College Academic Calendar, however, they can be summarized as follows:

• Tuesday, May 27: Summer Session A begins and last day to add/drop a summer session A class (by 4pm)
• Wednesday, May 28: Last day to drop a class that spans both summer sessions (by 4pm)
• Monday, July 7: Summer Session B begins and last day to add/drop a summer session B class (by 4pm)
• Thursday, July 17: Last day to withdraw from a summer course that spans both sessions (by 4pm)
• Thursday, August 1: Last day of Summer Session B class

Summer 2014 Withdrawal Policy for courses spanning both sessions:

Below is the summer tuition liability for courses spanning both summer sessions A & B. Students withdrawing from a course(s) spanning the summer sessions will adhere to the following refund schedule:

• During Week 1 (May 27 – June 2): 25% Tuition Liability
• During Week 2 (June 3 - June 9): 50% Tuition Liability
• During Week 3 (June 10 - 16): 75% Tuition Liability
• Beginning Tuesday, June 17: 100% Tuition Liability

Summer 2014 Withdrawal Policy for each summer session:

Summer Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policy (students withdrawing from a summer session A or B course(s) that does not span both sessions must adhere to the following refund schedule):

• During Summer Session I, Week 1 (May 27 – June 2): 50% Tuition Liability
• During Summer Session II, Week 1 (July 7 - July 11): 50% Tuition Liability

There will be no refunds after the first week of class for each summer session.

Note: If you are in a combination of regular single session summer courses and summer spanning courses, please note that different add/drop, withdrawal dates and refund schedules apply for the single session courses. Please check the current LIM Calendar for further information.

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