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Looking to hire a dedicated, hard-working intern? Or perhaps you’re seeking an experienced, full-time fashion professional? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

LIM College combines academic rigor and practical experience, making our students and graduates excellent prospects in any area of the fashion industry.

LIM College has been graduating highly motivated fashion professionals since 1939. By the time they apply for their first full-time job, all of our students have completed internships  and a full-time Senior Co-op. They’ve also studied the fashion industry from a variety of perspectives and learned to think critically and communicate well.

Every year, we work directly with companies throughout the nation to place our students and graduates in internships and full-time positions. Our graduates are working throughout the fashion industry, making valuable contributions across the spectrum.

Industry professionals have plenty of other ways to get involved at LIM College, too. Many industry professionals invite groups of students for on-site field trips or come to campus themselves to speak in one of our Industry Exploration or Career Building seminar courses.

Ready to tap into LIM College’s great resources? Contact us to find out more about hiring our students or alumni, acting as a field trip host, or being an on-campus guest speaker. We look forward to helping your company grow!

real world experience in the fashion industry

Celisse Barrios explains how her LIM College education prepared her for working at one of the world's top modeling agencies

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