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New Media Marketing Courses Take Off at LIM College


Guest speakers from Yelp, Foursquare and Mashable give students in Social Media and Mobile Marketing class real-world perspective

In keeping with the explosive growth of online communication and commerce, and the reach of social media into almost every aspect of modern life, LIM College’s Marketing & Management Department has developed a path in “New Media Marketing” for students who are interested in this burgeoning field.

A new course titled Social Media and Mobile Marketing is now being taught by Shelly Nicholas, a marketing consultant who has worked with Morgan Stanley, the National Football League, and Atlantic Records.

Says Nicholas, “This is an innovative course which seeks to develop students’ understanding of how social media and mobile marketing fit within the marketing mix and familiarize them with popular platforms and best practices for customer engagement.”

For social media, this includes learning about social networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), blogs, Twitter, location-based services (such as foursquare), review sites, wikis, and more. And on the mobile marketing front, students are being introduced to the use of SMS (text messaging) and MMS (multimedia messaging service), as well as games and apps and other mobile platforms.

Nicholas has brought in an impressive array of experts to offer the class first-hand perspective on what it takes to succeed in the real-life worlds of social media and mobile marketing. Among the guest speakers this semester have been Erica Swallow, Assistant Editor at Mashable.com; Erin Gleason, Manager of Public Relations at foursquare; and Leighann Farrelly, Marketing Director at Yelp.

In keeping with LIM College’s commitment to provide students with hands-on experience as an integral part of the learning experience, class participants have created blogs where they write weekly posts, and they are also developing a social media marketing plan for d’Vida -- a small, local health food and lifestyle brand.

The other courses that comprise the New Media Marketing path are Internet and Interactive Marketing, E-Commerce, Multi-Channel Retailing, and a new course in web analytics that is slated to launch in 2012.

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