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Danielle Busken - President

Ms. Danielle Busken is marketing major at LIM College. In December 2010 she received her associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. Ms. Busken moved to New York in the fall of 2009 from St. Louis, MO. Although miles away from home she finds herself constantly busy. You can find Danielle either around the LIM College campus in Student Life or Admissions. Ms. Busken is a Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader, FYE Mentor, current SGA Vice President and involved in several on-campus activities and events. When you can’t find Ms. Busken on the LIM College
campus you will find her at her internship. Ms. Busken currently interns for a small jewelry designer. On the weekends Ms. Busken is out exploring and shopping in the city. After graduating in May 2012, Ms. Busken plans on work for a magazine in their Marketing Department.

As President of the Student Government Association I will continue with our motto: “We are the voice of the students.” This past year as Vice President I helped strengthen the relationship between the SGA and the Executive Board, established discounts at local eateries and assisted the Office of Student Financial Services to work on way of communicating with students regarding financing their education and future. My goals for the next year as president is to raise the voice of the students, continue with discounts and strengthen relationships with the different departments at the College. I will work closely with my E-Board and Senate to make sure our goals reflect what the everyday student at LIM College wants. You can rest assured that I will represent your interests and advocate on your behalf.

Kaleigh Connors - Vice President

Ms. Kaleigh Connors is a sophomore here at LIM College,majoring in Visual Merchandising with a concentration in Styling. Ms. Connors has completed internships in the fashion industry and is very involved at the College. Ms. Connors is from New Jersey, but currently is a New Yorker. Ms. Connors says, “New York City is the greatest city in the world and I love living here! I like to think of myself as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, as I am a huge fan.”

Serving as an active member of the Student Government Association over the past academic year as well as belonging to other organizations in the LIM College community, I feel that I have gained the knowledge and understanding to serve as Vice President. LIM College is a great institution and I want to be a part of an organization that is working to make it even better. Since I first became a member of the LIM College Community in August of 2009, I have enjoyed every single day. I believe in LIM College and what it stands for.

As Vice President I will make the SGA more involved with the student body. I think it is important to address the needs and requests of LIM College students. My goal is to make students more involved in the clubs and organizations that have been established here.

I feel that I am highly qualified for this job; I have held several leadership positions over the past few years within LIM College, as well as outside of a school. I am very easy to talk to and am open to any suggestions students have. My personality and dedication will help me succeed if I am elected Vice President.

Alyssa Peseky - Secretary

Ms. Alyssa Peseky is a sophomore here at LIM College and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. She from Elmira, New York. Ms. Peseky is an Orientation Leader and student mentor. She’s a active member of the LIM College community. Ms. Peseky says, “Being a part of LIM College is very important to me in furthering my career. I have participated in as many great internships and looks forward to a successful career in the business of fashion.”

Platform: I would like to be secretary of SGA because I feel that I contribute to the success of the team. I am a great note taker and but more importantly I am great listener. It will be an honor to represent you the students on the E-Board.

Victoria Walton - Secretary

Ms. Victoria Walton is a transfer Junior here at LIM College majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Ms. Walton is
an active member of Black Retail Action Group (BRAG) and is the student representative to the SGA.

I am interested in becoming secretary because I would count it as a privilege to represent the students as a chief member of the Student Government Association. As a member during the past semester and having the opportunity to attend the American Student Government Association Conference, I have developed prominent skills necessary to do well at my presented tasks. I believe that a strong student government is a key factor in having a successful student body, and I would graciously like to be a part of both.

Amanda Jaccard  - Fashion Merchandising Representative

As a standing junior, I believe I can actively function and operate positively as a Fashion Merchandising Representative in the Student Government Association. I will take this role very seriously and utilize my skills to their fullest potential. One of my biggest strengths is my communication skills. I work very well with all kinds of people and understand that everyone has different perspectives about projects and work tasks. I am a hard worker and dedicate full commitment to my work. As Fashion Merchandising Representative, I promise that I will put my all into every issue and task that is put in front of me.

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