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Math is the New Black


LIM College Math Center launches innovative video series to highlight math's importance to fashion

A new series of videos created by LIM College‘s Math Center, including math tutor Alexis Michaelides (Class of 2012), will reinforce the importance of math for fashion students by linking what they learn in class to what actually happens in the day-today business world. The first episode of “Math is the New Black,” which features two recent graduates who now work in the fashion industry, can be viewed below.

Says Anahu Guzman, Director of the Math Center, “Students see the glitz and glamour of the industry in runway shows, magazines, and stores, yet they often don’t realize the extent to which fashion is a business that requires both creative and analytical thinking to be profitable.”

He continues, “Students, especially those enrolled in remedial math courses, often question how the math they learn in class relates to real life. The Math Center wants to expose these students to relevant business applications that go beyond typical textbook examples so they will be better prepared to enter the working world.”

Each video will feature a current LIM College student interviewing an industry professional who will discuss the importance of math in their job, illustrating its significance with examples of challenges that can be solved using math. The videos will then connect these examples with content in the College’s math curriculum.

Topics will include everything from market research through design, production, budgeting and planning, allocation, marketing, visual merchandising, sales, and business evaluation.

The professionals who will be interviewed for “Math is the New Black” will be young women and men who have either just launched their careers or have been working full-time for only a few years. Guzman believes that LIM College students will be able to relate with these recent college graduates as they contrast what their expectations of the workplace were when they were students to what they have actually experienced in the early stages of their careers.

Says Guzman, “If one were to analyze the process through which a fashion product moves from concept to consumer, he or she would realize that mathematics is critical to the successful completion of every step. We hope that this new video series will bring that message to life.”


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